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[EQ2] Frogloks und Duelle mit Live Update 9?
« am: 23. Mai 2005, 09:00:00 »
Aktuell auf den Testservern und somit wahrscheinlich in Kürze so oder in leicht abgeänderter Form wohl auf den Live-Servern zu erwarten, hier nur mal die Highlights:

*** The Return of the Frogloks ***

- New information has surfaced that indicates the noble frogloks are being held captive in the Feerrott!
- Frogloks in West Freeport and Castleview Hamlet can direct adventurers on the quest to help release this honorable race from the bonds of tyranny.
- Complete the quest for yourself and create your own froglok character! This quest is well-suited for solo players around level 20 and higher.
- Defeat the powerful evil force binding the froglok spirit and you'll make frogloks available for everyone on your server! This epic battle will require a full raid force of powerful adventurers.

*** Dueling ***

- Now you can challenge enemies or allies to a duel!
- Targeting another player and typing /duel sends them an invitation to battle.
- You can fight in any location, whether it be in a city, inside a house, outdoors, or in the deepest dungeon.
- To give up before the death blow is landed, type /duel_surrender to end the duel.
- If two players are battling and one zones, camps, or goes linkdead, that player surrenders the duel.
- The outcome of the duel is broadcast to everyone in the zone, whether it be death or surrender.
- Be warned: Dying in a duel results in the same penalties as death to an NPC. You will drop a shard, incur XP debt, and take damage to your equipment. Nobody said duels were without risk.
- You can neither offer nor accept a duel if:
- You are in the same group as the potential opponent.
- Either of you is considering another duel challenge.
- Either of you is currently dueling someone else.
- Either of you is locked to an encounter.
- Either of you is on the hate list of an NPC.
- Either of you is currently dead.
- Either of you is on the other's ignore list.
- Either of you is on a griffin.
- Dueling tests not only the abilities of your class, but how well you play it. Let the battle begin!

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